September 28, 2016

Perhaps the greatest accomplishment which the dental industry has achieved in the last thirty years has been its amazing expansion across all economic classes, to include nearly all people inside of competent dental care. One of the landmark examples of dentistry’s opening to all people has been how affordable dentures have become.  In the early ages of dentistry, dentures were not only one of the most expensive items around; they were also only available in very select parts of the country. Having dentures a hundred years ago was a sign of extreme wealth, and as the dental care back then was poor at best (a time when the go to cure for any dental problem was to just pull out the teeth) dentures were in high demand. Today, dentures are something which has been made obtainable for all people. The oral health care leaders have decided long ago that all people should have access to basic dentistry, which includes dentures for people who have lost their teeth. People who cannot afford dentures today are given access to government health programs which allow them to get the dentures they need, no matter what their financial situation might be. There are also dental laboratories which have developed ultra-low cost methods for producing cheap dentures for those who need them most.

Dentures are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to easily accessible oral health care. Another huge step that many clinics have taken to help make sure that any patient can get the help they need is to offer payment plans for basic dental operations. Clinics such as,, have enacted policies which allow patients to get needed dental work done with no money upfront, and with very reasonable payment options. It was not long ago that dental work was something that had to be paid for ahead of time, and that lead to a lot of people being unable to afford dental procedures which they desperately needed. Dental care is part of an overall healthy body, and people that can’t get needed dental work are not being properly cared for by their nation’s social safety network. With each passing year the options are expanding for how people without the resources to pay for dental work on their own can still receive treatment.

Private organizations are also doing a great deal to make sure that all people can get the dental care they deserve. In our city alone, there are around twenty clinics which provide low or no cost dental services to the needy. Dentists that own their own clinics take time each month to volunteer at clinics for non-paying clients. The dental industry has done a good deal to help promote free dentistry by hosting annual award ceremonies for dentists who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in order to make sure all people are living with good dental care. The world looks to us as an example for how dental services can assist all those who need them so we must continue to expand and improve our dental care always.

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